Valentine’s Day Part 2: Under Investigation.

What followed on this evening is easily in the top 5 of the of the most clever, dangerous, and hilarious things I have ever done. It is currently under investigation by the Seattle Police Department so I cannot comment on it at the moment.

Once the case closes I will update.


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Part 2: Under Investigation.

  1. The Schlawng was beating with excitement and ready to burst.
    Once here in Part 2, it got sad, shrively, frail and tiny after seeing the winning of part 1 had been shut down by this part’s cliffhanger.
    I shall be called Tiny until this post can be updated and the Schlawng can bask in the glory of this fuckery.
    However, I understand why this would stay incomplete while 5-0 is involved. Some of them have computers AND know how to read, despite what their primitive actions might indicate.

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