roofiesI have never roofied someone to take sexual advantage of them. But I have thought about doing it after having sex with them so they shut up and go to sleep.

I am not a fan of cuddling. It is hard to find someone that has the right amount of fat padding to be comfy, and smell good enough to want to bask in it all night. I have very lucid dreams and they are directly correlated with my surroundings. Letting a guy spoon me through the night means he will probably show up in my dreams. He will interrupt what I am doing, ask me to make him a sammich, complain my vagina is not where it is supposed to be, or  I will remember I left him somewhere and I have to go get him back before the cunts get to him (lots of cunts in my dreams). I am not ready for that kind of commitment.

Living in Las Vegas I know roofies are a common fear among women. I often hear men pitch in and say shit like “I don’t get it, why would you want to fuck a limp body?”. Oh, eat a dick. You know why. It’s a power/control thing. When you bang a drugged girl, she is mildly responsive, you can leave her in a corner and she will find her way home in the morning (or afternoon), and you live with the thrill of using a girl like a cum receptacle. Her sole purpose is to take dick. Your dick. She will do a terrific job because she wont complain it hurts, or it is too small, nor she will question those red bumps on your shaft, or ask you to invite your friend who has a much larger dick and you suspect fucked your ex although they both deny it.

For the record, It’s not the same as fucking a dead body, because a dead girl is cold, you have to shove lotion in her vagina (or whatever body cavity you wish to fuck), which can end up resembling a pocket pussy (although I’ve heard dead bodies seem to “push back”- whatever that means), and in the back of your mind you are bombarded with concerns about where and how dump the body. That can be boner-killer if you haven’t done it before or you are in uncharted geographical areas. Look, I am not advocating this shit, just making an educated distinction for the sake of argument.

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