Dinner with anyone.

I would like to have dinner with my favorite writer, nobel prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  His stories are adorned with strong memorable characters of few words and stubborn actions. He has the ability to write the tale of a castaway that remains unintentionally silent for weeks at sea. Noting happens, no major events take place, but his eloquent and expert use of prose engages you intensely.  What otherwise would have been a menial struggle with a fish, he is able to translate into sheer suspense and something worthy of a commissioned painting. He also wrote the most beautiful love story I’ve ever heard of; the story of lovers who waited until their golden years to seal their love out of deep respect for customs and family ties.

Gabriel’s stories are enlaced with passion and elegant machismo. You can even appreciate this strength in his female characters;  by the confident clicking of their heels, by the quiet rancor they harbor, or by the way they defy machismo with a look or a gesture.

Gabriel has been a long time friend of Fidel Castro, who would be the second person I would like to have dinner with. A little known fact of Fidel is that he also is an exceptional writer. Ideally, I’d like to sit down with both of them in the company of a bottle of rum caña and converse for hours. But for the sake of argument, I will settle for a dinner with Gabriel and at some point ask him about his friend.

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